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One to One
computer Tuition at home

Introductory Offer
2x 1hours

Dont be afraid of Tech
Get a ‘Techer’!!

Computers can give you a lot of enjoyment, can help you keep in touch with your family, can keep you up to date with the real world, and can provide unlimited entertainment. A lot of people worry about using their PC’s  afraid that if they click on something or press a button their expensive pride and joy will self destruct or become unuseable.

Simple terms like, ‘backup, attachment, update, operating system, software, jpeg, format, leave people confused.

People also think the computer has a special power to raid their bank accounts or inflate their phone bills.

At 999learnit we will come and sit down with you in the comfort of your own home, and explain in simple english how a computer / laptop / tablet works, and all the strange terms.

We will show you how to make sure your computer is safe and working well, how to properly use emails, how to best use the internet, and showing  you how to use programmes like Skype so you can stay in touch with your family.

In case you forget what we have taught/advised you we will provide you with instructional videos which you can refer to. Also if needed we can setup a maintenance contract for a small monthly fee so you can call on us anytime you have a problem.